Banquet Prelude Gifted


    Deploy 131% damage to 3 random enemies.

  • Confuse (ACTIVE)

    Deploy 117% damage to a random enemy with a 60% chance to reduce its attack by 10% for 2 rounds, 30% chance to inflict an enemy Silence, and 10% chance to inflict an enemy Stun for a single round.

  • Cheer UP (PASSIVE)

    Apply the following effects to all friendly heroes at the beginning of the battle and last until the end: 2% damage amplification increase for Human heroes; 2% speed increase for Elves; 2% critical rate increase for Cyborgs; 2% attack increase for Orcs; 2% magic resistance rate increase for Nogoth; 2% increase in dodge rate for Brandons; 2% resistance increase for Gifteds.

  • Battle Mage (PASSIVE)

    Increases attack by 10% during battle.

Persi Rodritchie

Roaming Minstrel Human

  • Battlefield Chant (ULTIMATE)

    Cast heal for all friendly heroes in 3 stages.
    Replenishes HP equivalent to 29% of Persi's attack.

  • Dove's Hymn (ACTIVE)

    Cast heal for 2 friendly heroes with the lowest HP.
    Replenishes HP equivalent to 110% of Persi's attack.

  • Perfect Sound (PASSIVE)

    Increases attack by 10% during battle.

  • Song of Adversity (PASSIVE)

    When HP falls below 50%, increases the recovery effect by 20%.

Ema Breeze

Nature's Arrow Elf

  • Raining Arrows (ULTIMATE)

    Deploys 117% magic damage to enemies in the last 2 rows (1st priority).

  • Ice Shot (ACTIVE)

    Deploys magic damage to 3 enemies at random in 3 stages(37% per stage).

  • Gale (PASSIVE)

    Increases own speed by 20% in battle.

  • Moon Shadow Raid (PASSIVE)

    Deals an additional 1% damage for every 6 points of a speed difference when dealing damage to an enemy whose speed is slower, up to 50% additional damage.


Ashen Inferno Cyborg

  • Flame Blast (ULTIMATE)

    Deploys 97% magic damage to all enemies.

  • Flame Dance (ACTIVE)

    Deploys 102% magic damage to a row of enemies and applies Burning which lasts for 2 rounds(20% of the direct damage on round #1 and 40% on round #2).

  • Thermic Overload (PASSIVE)

    Increases attack by 10% during battle.

  • Burnt Offering (PASSIVE)

    Acquire a stack of High(increase attack power by 3%), which stacks up to 5 and lasts until the end of the battle, each time an enemy receives Burning damage.

Gunn Flame

Molten Punch Orc

  • Breath of Wrath (ULTIMATE)

    Inflicts 184% damage to the enemy with the highest ATK and gives a stack of Weakness(12% ATK reduction) for 2 rounds(stacked up to 2).

  • Fury Strike (ACTIVE)

    Deals 100% damage to an enemy and
    applies fixed damage equal to 13% of own current HP.

  • Experienced Warrior (PASSIVE)

    Increases attack by 5% and defense by 16% during battle.

  • Arrogant and Overbearing (PASSIVE)

    Increases damage reduction by 30% when HP is greater than 60%.

Ferrorina Ballon

Temple Guards Nogoth

  • Bare Assault (ULTIMATE)

    Deploy damage for 3 stages(60% per stage) to the enemy's most populated row. Increases own defense by an additional 90% and set own defense to 0 for a round.

  • Thunderbolt (ACTIVE)

    Delivers 177% damage to an enemy.

  • Templar (PASSIVE)

    Increases attack by 10% during battle.

  • Petrified Resistance (PASSIVE)

    Immune to follow-up control effects until the end of own round whenever inflicted
    a debuff.


Forest Assassin Brandon

  • Shadow Movement (ULTIMATE)

    Delivers 35% damage per stage 4 times to a single enemy in the back row and cast silence for a single round with a 90% chance.

  • Phantom Strike (ACTIVE)

    Deliver 33% damage to the enemy in a row for 4 stages and acquire a stack of Illusory Body(increase evasion by 10%) lasting 2 rounds(can be stacked up to 2).

  • Remnants (PASSIVE)

    Increases attack by 10% during battle.

  • Blessing of Swiftness (PASSIVE)

    Deploy an additional 8% damage for every 10% dodge rate.


In the very beginning, the sun goddess, Heldina created the first star and called it Westland.

Meanwhile, Westland was under attack from the dark creatures born in the void, while Heldis, Heldina's younger brother, was on a crucial mission to defend against them.

However, he gradually got tired of the endless battles and was depraved. Along with the dark creatures, his soul was sealed on the outskirts of Westland.

After 10,000 years and more, Merlin, the best wizard of the time, uncovers the hidden note about the seal. Then he sets off on a journey to seek the traces of the seal. At last, he finds the soul of Heldis and leaves a prophecy that dark creatures will invade every 200 years.

Upon hearing this prophecy, the various races allied and successfully fended off the two dark creatures' invasions that Merlin foretold.

However, contrary to prophesy, the third invasion did not occur. As the peace continues, mistrust between the races grows.